Integrating 21st Century Skills into your Curriculum
How can educators assure that their students will be ready to productively live and work in the 21st Century Global Economy?
Course Syllabus


 This is a 2 unit course consisting of 8 modules. It takes place over a 8 week period. One module will be opened each week.  The modules will stay open until the course is ended. Each module should take approximately 2-2 1/2 hours to complete. The final project ( a 21st Century project-based learning project that you plan to use with your students.  that demonstrates that you understood and incorporated what you have learned in this course) will be integrated into each module so that parts of it will be completed in each module.  This will allow for formative assessment designed to help each learner in this course create an awesome unit of instruction for his/her learners.  If you are not currently teaching, I will work with you to create a final project plan that will work for your school, family, or work situation.

Although this is an asynchronous course that allows flexibility in when each person logs in and completes the assignments and discussions, it is important to try to complete each module within the time allowed for that module.  This will allow for a richer discussion and better learning experience.  The discussion questions are designed to help you all learn from each other. Each of you has rich experiences and great resources to share. Some of the discussion will focus on peer formative assessment of project plans.  During these discussion postings, please be sure to make sure that ALL learners in this course that that formative assessment by making sure that you have responded to someone who has not yet received peer review. Peer review is a critical part of this course.

You may work alone on your project plan, with another person in this course, or with colleagues who are not taking this course.  The important thing is that you end up after 8 weeks with an extremely well planned project that you will use.

Course Objectives -

Learners will:

  1. Analyze the skills that business and industry tell us are necessary for 21st Century workers
  2. Determine the characteristics and learning needs of 21st Century learners
  3. Evaluate the criteria for creating 21st Century schools and classrooms
  4. Analyze their curriculum and instructional practices in terms of 21st Century skills and practices
  5. Plan project-based learning project for their learners or themselves
  6. Examine the changing role of the teacher and the school for the 21st Century

Course Content (Body of knowledge) -

During this course learners will:
  1. Examine the skills students will need to live and work in the 21st Century global economy
  2. Analyze their curriculum in terms of the  ’Foundation Skills" and as "Functional Skills" that our students must have to be successful in the 21st Century job market
  3. Deduce what 21st Century job skills are necessary for schools to integrate into their curriculum
  4. Determine the skills students need in order to be productive citizens in an increasingly complex global society? 
  5. Redesign their classrooms and their instructional methods to better meet their students learning needs 
  6.  Appraise how to overcome the barriers they face as they restructure their classrooms and instructional approaches?
  7. Compare their school and classroom to the requirements for 21st Century schools and classrooms.
  8. Propose changes to their classrooms to make them more in line with 21st Century classrooms.
  9. Decide how to best present their ideas for better creating a 21st Century learning environment in their school.
  10. Analyze their curriculum looking for opportunities to integrate and embed 21st Century skills
  11. Analyze their instructional strategies looking for opportunities to use 21st Century instructional strategies
  12. Edit or create a project to make it a 21st skill based lesson, unit or project
  13. Decide whether a problem-based, inquiry-based method will the best method for their project
  14. Use established problem-based, inquiry-based or project based methods to construct their project.
  15. Determine the best instructional strategies to make sure ALL learners learn the content and skills
  16. Examine how to personalize the learning experience for ALL learners
  17. Transform their teaching practices to assure that their learners are prepared to be productive 21st Century citizens
  18. Defend how they will become 21st Century teachers
  19. Defend how they will help their school become 21st Century schools.
  20. Edit their 21st Century project plan

 Methods of Evaluation and Grading -

The student will demonstrate proficiency using the course rubric by: 

  1. Developing 21st Century project
  2. Presenting the project to peers.
  3. Making constructive contributions to class discussions that demonstrates understanding of the course materials.
  4. Demonstrate how the course materials will help them transform teaching and learning
  5. Evaluating their course project
  6. Completing all assignments 

Please download this Rubric and use it to help guide you.  I will use this rubric to determine your fial grade.

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Navigating Course from within Etudes

You will enter this course via the LMS (Learning Management System) used by Foothill College called Etudes.  You can get information on how to create your user name and password on the Foothill Global Access Site

Once you long in, look for LINCF067.01W in your "Dashboard" and click on it.  This will take you to our course You will see your dashboard when you first log in:

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Click on it and it will take you to our course.  Once you are in the course, you will navigate using the side bar on the left-hand side of the page.

The SYLLABUS tab will take you to this page.  Please read and accept the Syllabus first.  The MODULES tab will take you to each module for this course.  The modules will be opened one week at a time.  The links will take you to the course outline, materials assignment information and discussion information.  Each assignment will be a part of your final project.  You will post your assignment by clicking on the ASSIGNMENTS, TESTS, AND SURVEYS link.  You will receive formative feed back on your assignment, but it will not be graded.  The rubric is your guide to what is expected. You will post your discussion responses by finding the Class Discussions link after clicking on the  DISCUSSIONS AND PRIVATE MESSAGES link in the left-hand menu bar.


Final Project

The final project for this course will be a 21st Century lesson, inquiry-based unit, or full project-based learning project that you plan to use with your students.  It will demonstrate that you understood and incorporated what you have learned in this course.  The plan should include:

  1. Pedagogical methods for their project (problem based or inquiry-based)
  2. Standards to be met
  3. Instructional Strategies to be employed during the project
  4. 21st Century Skills to be learned
  5. Habits of mind to be stressed
  6. Higher Order Thinking Skills embedded
  7. Assessment strategies (tests; quizzes; rubrics; formative strategies such as peer review; check lists, etc; presentations, outside reviewers; artifacts, etc)
  8. Map out the lesson, unit or project using the appropriate method outlined in this module.
  9. A time line
  10. Strategies to differentiate, individualize and/or personalize instruction for all learners in your classroom
  11. How your classroom will be physically arranged as a 21st Century classroom
  12. How technology will be used by your students for this lesson, unit, or project
  13. The role of the teacher

Grading Policy

 Please download and frequently review the course rubric. For each module you will read the course materials and complete the assignment and participate in the course discussion.    You will not receive individual grades for each assignment and discussion posting, but the quality of your work over time will be noted by your instructor on the course rubric . You will receive timely feedback on all assignments and, as appropriate, in the Discussion Forum.  This feedback is meant to be formative, and should be reflected in your final project plan.  Your final project is a 21st Century project plan that you will use.  See the Final Project link for more information on your final project.  The modules in this course are  designed to help you create your final project for this course.  Please note that if your are NOT a teacher I will work with you to modify the final project to meet your needs.