Integrating 21st Century Skills into your Curriculum
How can educators assure that their students will be ready to productively live and work in the 21st Century Global Economy?
Objectives for Module 6


Learners will examine the changing role of the teacher and the school for the 21st Century and explore how to best integrate technology to support 21st Century learning.


Learners will:

  1. Explore what other countries are doing to create 21st Century learning environments in their schools

  2. Investigate the role of a 21st Century teacher
  3. Determing how to use TPACK to select the best technologies to support learning
  4. Select the best technology to enhance and personalize learning through their project plan.

Basic, Scientific, Economic, and Technological Literacies
Visual and Information Literacies
Multicultural Literacy and Global Awareness
Inventive Thinking
Adaptability, Managing Complexity, and Self-Direction
Curiosity, Creativity, and Risk Taking
Higher-Order Thinking and Sound Reasoning
Effective Communication
Teaming, Collaboration, and Interpersonal Skills
High Productivity
Prioritizing, Planning, and Managing for Results
Effective Use of Real-World Tools
Ability to Produce Relevant, High-quality Products