Bill of Rights
What are your rights as a US citizen?
Third Amendment
No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

What does this mean?

You donít have to let soldiers live in your house, except if there is a war, and even then only if Congress has passed a law about it.

By Silkquoiah Haynes      December 14, 2010 -- 09:00 AM
The people do dont have to have house soldiers in their house just because they are protecting them , they have the right to refuse or accept.

By Francisco L.      December 14, 2010 -- 09:02 AM
You don't have to quarter soldgiers and the governmen can't make you.

By Aracely R.      December 14, 2010 -- 09:09 AM
No soldier should come and take over your home.

By Eduardo Garcia      December 14, 2010 -- 09:11 AM
We can say no to the soldiers that want to stay in our house.

By daisy evans      December 14, 2010 -- 09:13 AM
yOu dOnt havee tO let any sOliderss inSide Of, yOurr hOusee.

By anthony machuca      December 14, 2010 -- 09:16 AM
you dont have to army people in your home to live in?

By Susana O.      December 14, 2010 -- 10:23 AM
You don't have to let soldiers in your house to stay at or to live in.

By chris g      December 14, 2010 -- 10:26 AM
You have the right to say no to the soilders.

By erika L.      December 14, 2010 -- 10:28 AM
you have the right not to house soliders

By Dannan T.      December 14, 2010 -- 11:24 AM
Don't let them dirty soldiers stay at your house .

By stefani .f      December 14, 2010 -- 02:20 PM
i agree with dannan and erika because u shouldnt house soldiers and feed them with the money you earn from a hard day at work

By Jade S.      December 14, 2010 -- 02:22 PM
Amendment 3 gives american citizens the oppertunity to refuse any requests that came from the government to quarter troops(household soldiers).

By aLExIs <3      December 14, 2010 -- 02:27 PM
ii aGReE wITh dANnAn!.=]

By BreAnna G.      December 14, 2010 -- 02:28 PM

By Luis H.      December 14, 2010 -- 02:29 PM
you cant house soldiers