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Roles & Descriptions

8th Grade History Expo

Group Roles & Job Descriptions

Group Name: ____________________________________________

Assigned Amendment: _____________________________________

Name _________________________ Job Title __________________
Name _________________________ Job Title __________________
Name _________________________ Job Title __________________
Name _________________________ Job Title __________________

  • If there are three people in a group, one person must take two jobs.
  • No matter what, everyone must work until the job is done.  No one can say ďI did my job, Iím done,Ē while others are still working.  Find something to do to help make the project better.


I am the team leader. I am responsible for checking the quality of our group project and making sure it is being done correctly.

I am the only one that can talk to Mr. Kim about our groupís questions.

I am in charge of keeping all of the groupís paperwork (checklists, poster materials, etc.)

I am responsible for borrowing materials we need and for returning them to Mr. Kim every day.  

Graphic Organizer

I am responsible for designing the layout of our groupís informational poster.

I will also decide which symbols and visual representations should be included on our poster.

I will make sure that our poster clearly expresses our groupís mastery of knowledge by frequently checking the poster checklist.


I am responsible for making sure that every team member is working on the project during assigned work times, including myself.

I will keep track of the time and alert my group members on when it is time to start cleaning up.

I must be flexible in terms of working on whatever part of the project that needs the most help at the moment.


My job is to plan the creative component of the presentation.

I will be responsible for making sure that all of the group members have a key part to play in our presentation.

I will make sure that our final presentation is well-organized, interesting, and creative.

Group Roles & Descriptions (Word doc)