Heather A. Houzenga ~ Artist ~ Educator ~ Writer ~ Motivational Speaker
Everything that we can tangibly see, has been made by some creative individual. What have you added to the world of divine creativity?
Personal Mantra

Creativity is inside us from the moment that we are born into the world. Whether or not that creativity is nurtured throughout our life is up to our natural upbringing, but ultimately it’s up to us to find it.

This website is dedicated to sharing creative thought, project ideas and discussions that will lead to a more fulfilling life experience, mainly through the arts that play a significant role in cognitive development and understanding, especially in the formative years of a child’s life.

Creativity is in the air we breath, in our body’s movement, in what our eyes perceive and what our hands produce, it’s energy. Art is not only paint and craft, it is innovation and invention, style, rhythm, emotion and most of all, an understanding that it is everywhere we can see and not see.

A person owes it to themselves to pursue which ever creative force of interest drives them, no matter the subject or what anyone tells them, because deep down inside it is the only thing that will make them ultimately at peace with their inner self.

Join the art education conversation and watch yourself grow! Namaste