Heather A. Houzenga ~ Artist ~ Educator ~ Writer ~ Motivational Speaker
Everything that we can tangibly see, has been made by some creative individual. What have you added to the world of divine creativity?
Artist Statement



Heather A. Houzenga

~ Artist ~ Educator ~ Writer ~

Motivational Speaker



A native of Thomson, Illinois, I have spent my life re-imagining ordinary items, giving them a new purpose when their function has worn out. Some people call that being creative.  I call it, being inventive.

I attended Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA, receiving my BA in English Literature, Studio Art and Teacher Education, grades K-12 for both disciplines, finishing my senior thesis in assemblage. I taught K-5 Art & 9th Grade English for five years in Iowa and now am a self-employed teaching-artist and plan to be a motivational speaker for school districts in my rural Mississippi River Valley area.

My art has grown, evolved and taken its form from a vast number of things that have influenced my life. While the materials I use may vary, because I prefer not to waste them, a majority of the ideas for my “beautiful imperfections” stem from seeing things differently, re-inventing them to take on a whole new dimension of life for others to enjoy.

Be peaceful. Be true. Be well. But, most of all...just be you.