Heather A. Houzenga ~ Artist ~ Educator ~ Writer ~ Motivational Speaker
Everything that we can tangibly see, has been made by some creative individual. What have you added to the world of divine creativity?
Book Publications


In God’s Hands - written and illustrated by Heather A. Houzenga, 2006

An eight page card about people coming into your life for a reason or a season...



Travelers in the Night - written and illustrated by Heather A. Houzenga, 2011

limited edition copies available - 22 page children’s book 

The story of the nativity, but with an everyday Christian moral to live by...

you never know whose life you can change...


Chasing Normal - Initial cover design, illustrations and layout by Heather A. Houzenga, 2011, book by Tom Hoch - Now available by iUniverse Press