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Everything that we can tangibly see, has been made by some creative individual. What have you added to the world of divine creativity?
Student Created Art


3rd Grade - Johns Collage



6th Grade - hand-sewn bear sculptures



4th Grade - Complementary Colors



8th Grade - Van Gogh Line/Color studies



8th Grade - Mosiac Glass gazing balls, with hand built clay stand



9th Grade - elephant Sculpture



4th Grade - Grid Scale drawings of doors



2nd Grade - Human Form Sculpture



4th Grade - Monochromatic face studies



5th Grade - Tesselations



6th Grade - String Art Sculptures



5th Grade - Pop Art Sculptures



3rd Grade - Modigliani Portraits



8th Grade - Grid Scale drawings



7th Grade - relief prints



5th Grade - Pop Art Sculptures



2nd Grade - Human Form Sculpture



8th Grade - "Trees Are Forever" entries