Egyptian Holidays
What ancient sites were centers of culture and power?

  • Title Name of Egyptian site and a catchy slogan
  • History of the Egyptian site and what it is known for - remember you are a travel agent in Ancient Egypt

  • Special tours you offer and why people should go with your agency. 

Check out examples of other travel agencies used today to design your own special tour (do not copy):

  • A map with clear details of the site with a legend with symbols

  • Two to four pictures of the Egyptian site from the Internet with proper citations
  • Do research on several resources about your Egyptian site and write up ia summary of what your found about your site along with proper citations.
  • Optional: include a drawing that you did about traveling to your site.


  • Is the required information on the poster organized in a neat and tidy layout?
  • Is the poster attractive to the eyes and interesting?
Informational Post Checklist (Word doc)