Egyptian Holidays
What ancient sites were centers of culture and power?
Getting Started
  1. You will be assigned a group that will be a travel agency asked to create a travel poster about one of the following Ancient Egypt sites or points of interest:
    1. Alexandria
    2. Pyramids of Giza
    3. Nile River Valley
    4. Khartoum
    5. Cairo
    6. Temples of Karnak
  2. Start by writing down all the information you will need to include on your poster on separate sheets of paper.
  3. Brainstorm a list of images and designs you would like to include on your poster.
  4. Conduct Internet research on your assigned Egyptian site using the following websites:

    Alexandria Tour Ancient Alexandria -
    Map of Ancient Alexandria
    Timeline of Ancient Alexandria

    Pyramids of Giza
    Giza Wonder of the World -
    Pyramids of Giza -
    Facts about the Pyramids -
    Explore the Pyramids -

    Nile River
    Facts about the River Nile -
    Pictures and Facts
    Importance of the Nile
    The Story of the Nile
    Tour the Nile
    Khartoum Ancient Nubia used to be Khartoum -
    Land of Black Pharoahs
    Ancient Sudan: Nubia
    Cairo Ancient Cairo -
    Medieval Cairo -
    Egypt Cairo Facts -
    Temples of Karnak
    Karnak (Wikipedia) -
    Temple of Karnak -
    Luxor and the Temples of Karnak -

The teacher must approve all your information before you are given a 3-panel poster.