What can we learn about Endangered Animals? 2011
Learning Links

Use the links below to find information online about your animal.

If you find a good website while researching, copy and paste the url (web address) in the comment box below with your name and I will post it for everyone to use!

     Destiny Online Catalog: Webpath Express

Use our library online catalog to find approved websites for your research!

       an Endangered Earth Project

            submitted by Angela

Endangered Animals Category List


   Earth’s Endangered Animals

submitted by Davis

Enchanted Learning

submitted by Angela


 Nature’s Web

         Main Animal Menu

      Animal A-Z Dictionary

Animal Diversity Web

Animal Bytes from
Sea World/Busch Gardens


National Geographic Kids
Creature Features

If you find a great site please copy and paste the url into the comment box below.

By kaori quan      February 4, 2011 -- 06:34 PM
my animal is the boa consrictor.the websites have helped a lot!

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