Color Theory in Art
How have artists throughout history used color to achieve their artistic goals?


In this project you will learn the vocabulary, concepts and techniques involved in Color Theory. We will explore the science of color and light in a class PowerPoint presentation and discuss how artist have used their knowledge of color relationships in their paintings. 



 After being introduced to the concepts of Color Theory in Art you will experiment with the different techniques in establishing color relationships. You will then go on a Webquest to museums around the world looking for examples of the different color relationships artist use their paintings. Having gathered sample works of art that demonstrate all of the different relationships in color theory you will work in teams to build a PowerPoint presentation to showcase your findings to your fellow classmates.



To develop an appreciation and understanding of art you need to know the concepts involved in creating works of art. A web search to identify the concepts of Color Theory will help you understand the reasoning artist use to select their color relationships and techniques artists use to create those colors. You can then use this knowledge in critiquing works of art and apply these concepts and techniques in creating your own work.