Color Theory in Art
How have artists throughout history used color to achieve their artistic goals?

Activity 1: Introduction to Color Theory in Art

In this lesson you will learn the vocabulary and concepts of Color Theory and begin to understand firsthand some of the techniques and concepts artists use to create color relationships in their art. First we will explore the science of Color Theory in a class PowerPoint pre...

Activity 2: Color Theory in Art: A WebQuest

 After we have experimented with the technique of drawing/painting in using color we will go on a virtual tour of local and international museum websites in search of works of art that demonstrate the various concepts and rules of Color Theory that we discussed during ou...

Activity 3: Class Color Theory in Art Library

In this lesson we take the examples we found of Color Theory in art from our Webquest and insert them into a class Color Theory Library notating the elements of color relationships they represent. Each group will present their examples to the class.

Activity 4: Color Theory: On Your Own

Now it is time for a serious attempt at creating color relationships in your own work. We will set up a still-life of different colored objects and draw them from observation using soft pastels; observing how colors relate to each other and deciding how to neutralize the individual colors on our palette. We will finish with a class critique and short written quiz on Color Theory.