Color Theory in Art
How have artists throughout history used color to achieve their artistic goals?
Activity 1 - Introduction to Color Theory


 In this lesson you will learn the vocabulary and concepts of Color Theory and begin to understand firsthand some of the techniques and concepts artists use to create color relationships in their art. First we will explore the science of Color Theory in a class PowerPoint presentation and discuss how artist have used their knowledge of Color Theory in their paintings. We will then return to our drawing area and attempt to draw our own color wheel using soft pastels. We will then draw examples of each color relationship we discussed in the Color Theory presentation. 


Resource Type Requirements File
Color Theory Presentation Multimedia Mac,Pc, Microsoft PowerPoint Color Theory presentation
Color Theory in Art Handout Mac, Pc, Microsoft Word Color Theory Handout
Color Theory Drawing Assignment Handout Mac, Pc, Microsoft Word Color Theory Pastel Assignment



Color wheel including primary, secondary and tertiary colorsMr. Montgomery’s Color Wheel



1.1. Identify and use the principles of design to discuss, analyze, and write about visual aspects in the environment and in works of art, including their own.
Analyze Art Elements and Principles of Design
1.4. Analyze and describe how the composition of a work of art is affected by the use of a particular principle of design.
Skills, Processes, Materials, and Tools
2.1. Solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and the principles of design.
2.2. Prepare a portfolio of original two-and three-dimensional works of art that reflects refined craftsmanship and technical skills.
2.3. Develop and refine skill in the manipulation of digital imagery (either still or video).