7th - Percentages can Save or Make You Money!
How do you calculate commissions and discounts?

Wii picture

You have been wanting to purchase a Wii for months, and one day you are walking through  a store and notice that the Wii is on sale. How much can you save if it is 25% off the regular price. To calculate the sale price you need to understand some terms and know how to calculate that price.


When an item is purchased at a price less than the regular price, that is known as the sale price.   The discount is the amount of money deducted from the regular price.  The lower price is also referred to as the discounted price or sale price.


Some stores offer discounts every day, weekly, or monthly. So, you don’t always need to purchase an item for the regular price. When you decide to purchase an item like the Wii remember that  besides checking the price, you should also check the item’s quality, since there may be a reason you are getting that item at a discount or on sale. Always keep in mind the saying, "Buyer beware!"


To calculate the discount, click on the  Calculating a Percentage page on the left side of this page to learn the process.