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Meet the Author

Lawrence Montgomery

George Washington High School/Heald College


Fine Arts
Junior/Community College
My Philosophy
I believe all children have a right to the best possible educational experience. Art education provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore their own identity and culture. Out of this exploration each student should be able to achieve his or her maximum potential.

My Community
The school where I teach is located in San Francisco, one of the most diverse communities in the world. Our student population is taken from the entire bay area.

My Environment

George Washington High School is in the Richmond district of San Francisco. The school offers a college prep academic program and an arts program that includes Dance, Music, Orchestra, Choral, Jazz , Creative Writing, Media, Drama, Theatre Tech, and Viusal Art.

My Roles and Responsibilities
I teach Introduction to the Visual Arts 1 & 2, Advanced Studio Art, Advanced Painting and Computer Graphics. I am responsible for giving the students a strong basic understanding of the visual arts. In my studio art courses I cover composition, the elements of design, perspective, anatomy and color theory. We work in a variety of mediums. I also use Art History as a learning tool in the discovery of the art process. My computer graphics classes are project based and feature the Adobe Creative Suite as our learning tool.