Skateboard Ramp for Pros!
Steep or gentle slope: which one is for you?


  • Eight grade Algebra I students will design skateboard ramps.  They have to take into consideration the skills of the skateboarders and their willingness to face danger while going up and down the ramp.  The students will watch a video about positive and negative slopes as part of their learning activity.





  • Students will learn the theory of slope and apply it to the design of a ramp.  They will apply concepts such as positive and negative slope and steepness.


Learning Objectives:


  • Students will find rates of change and slope.
  • Students will find the slope of a line and use slope to understand graphs.



Core Understanding:


  • Understand that the concept of slope of a line is based on the more general idea of rate of change.
  • Understand that rate of change is a ratio that compares the amount of change in a dependent variable (Y) to the corresponding amount of change in an independent variable (X)
  • A function with a constant rate of change is a linear function.
  • The constant rate of change is defined as slope.
  • Slope is another way to call the steepness of the line.