Isn't Designed for Kids ----------------------- Your Students Build One That Is
Authentic Writing with a Web 2.0 Twist
Big Idea has become an invaluable resource for adults across the United States searching for their next memorable meal, or painless dentist appointment. Users write reviews and give establishments ratings on a one to five-star scale.


Children, however, have a hard time accessing Yelp because their criteria for a "five star" location are absolutely different from someone 30 years older than they are!


  Image from MommyPoppins.comAdults might love it, but kids might not!




Building a student-created database creates a community for children to have that conversation with one another. It also provides an authentic way for students to write, publish, and interact with one another in a 21st century style.





The bottom line:

Students who contribute feel invested and a sense of ownership in the database. They want to write well, so other people will take them seriously.  They feel proud that their reviews will help a fellow young person or adult make a decision about where to go next!