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Authentic Writing with a Web 2.0 Twist


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Group/collaborative Objectives

  • Each team member must edit at least three team members’ drafts for content and mechanics (3 content checks, 3 mechanics checks).
  • Each team must design three database prototype designs (their own version of and present them in Photoshop, Powerpoint or another visual filetype that is supported by Google Docs.


Image from FrankWBaker.comStudent working intently on his writing.





















Individual Objectives

  • Fill out pre-writing web graphic organizer.
  • Write a first draft.  Type it into a word processor.  Save to Google Docs.  Share with team.
  • Get first draft checked by three team members for content.
  • Make edits.  Type a revised draft.  Save to Google Docs.  Share with team.
  • Get revised draft checked by three team members for mechanics (e.g. spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.)
  • Select three relevant and original digital pictures and attach to the review file.  Write captions for each of the photos.
  • Type the final draft.  Submit review and photos to the database.