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Authentic Writing with a Web 2.0 Twist
Thematic Planning Chart


 Project Theme       
Culminating Event/Product(s)
Writing excellent reviews.


Designing a database for students grades 5 and under.


 Language Arts
Social Studies
Reading: Reading examples of excellent and poorly written reviews.

Writing: Using graphic organizers to map out thoughts.  Writing first drafts, revised drafts and final drafts.  Comparing a review to a checklist for content and mechanics.

Speaking: Communicating constructive feedback to team members.

Listening: Processing constructive feedback from team members.

Using background knowledge from our life experiences to enrich the language in our reviews.


Learning about different kinds of locations we can review in our community (businesses, public spaces, etc.) and their amenities.


 Math Science
Calculating the average star rating of a given establishment by taking the total stars and dividing by the number of reviewers.



Visual and
Performing Arts

Designing, maintaining and expanding a secure database online.


Selecting appropriate photos for a review.