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Authentic Writing with a Web 2.0 Twist
Criteria for Product Performance
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 Pre-Writing Web Graphic Organizer














Peer-Assessed Review

Database Prototypes

Students visually organize the elements of an "excellent review."  If a student cannot fill out this organizer for the establishment they are considering, they either need to do additional research or choose another place.



It is the culmination of the entire writing process, modeled on authentic writing samples and enriched with peer-coaching and editing.








Students will objectively apply what they have learned through the checklists to a piece of writing at its final stage.






The quality of reviews on the site will draw users and build their loyalty, however, the visual design of the database-website will determine the ease at which users gleen the information they need.

The ability for students to organize their details into the elements of an "excellent review."






The ability for students to use the elements for an "excellent review" checklist and mechanics checklist to improve the quality and clarity of their writing.





The ability to identify the elements of an excellent review in another piece of writing.  To identify any mechanical errors that may have passed through the drafts.





From the perspective of a user (the intended audience of the reviews), does the proposed prototype address the needs and expectations of the user?