Isn't Designed for Kids ----------------------- Your Students Build One That Is
Authentic Writing with a Web 2.0 Twist

Web 2.0 Applications:

  • Blogger, Weebly or other group blogging/database application with privacy settings.
  • Flickr account to host the images.
  • Google Docs to collaborate on database design prototypes and share editing/feedback for reviews.
  • VoiceThread to record audio versions of the written reviews.
  • Gliffy to design the website prototype.  The "user interface" shapes will be especially useful.


  • Laptops with word-processing software and internet access.
  • Digital cameras with still and video capabilities OR mobile phones with similar capabilities.
  • Scanner.
  • Projector and document camera.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint
  • Word processor


Elements for an "excellent review":

  • Real reviews from, newspapers and other legitimate sources (e.g. Cape Cod Kidz Eatz).
  • Guest speaker: Invite a review specialist from a newspaper or magazine to come in.
  • "Review" chapters from various writing resource books and website articles.

Graphic Organizers:


The Hook:

  • Field trip(s) to the library, park.
  • Pizza, ice cream, etc. to sample and compare.