Heavy Breathing, Pounding Heart, Copious Sweating and Stinky Bathrooms
So...what's the deal?

Rememeber the story?  It began with you running around with your lungs breathing hard and your heart pounding.  Can you now describe why this is happening? Here's what to do to show what you know:


1.  Go to Voki and create an avatar.

2.  Write a script describing what is causing you to breath hard and your heart to pump harder and faster.  In your script, use the following words:

  • red blood cell
  • oxygen
  • carbon dioxide
  • waste deposal
  • cells
  • blood vessels
  • lungs
  • heart

3.  Either type your text in for your avatar to say, or record your own voice. 

4.  Post your Voki avatar on the class website.