I am From Poems

Everyone has a story and can write a poem about themselves. You will create a piece of writing that represents specific moments in your life that contribute to who you are today. This poem encourages tolerance and awareness of our own personal experiences and can be rewritten over and over again. Imagine being able to express where you're from without simply saying the name of a city, state or country. This poem is about YOU!



  1. Use the following categories to list details related to you. Make this as specific and personal as possible. Use nicknames or words that only you or your family use. Don't worry about readers not knowing what you're talking about.
    • Games or activities specific to your family
    • Special foods
    • Names of your family members
    • Songs that mean something to you
    • Best things you were told or read to
    • Worst things you were told
    • Traditions and cultural events
    • Pictures and memories
    • Accidents
    • Traumatic experiences
    • Specific stories about your family that influenced you
    • Joys and losses
  2. Choose from the list above to include in your poem. You don't have to include everything and you can even add more things to your poem that are not in the list.



  1. Begin with: I am from _______________. (Fill in with one of the items you listed while prewriting.)
  2. Continue on the next line with: From_____________________ and ____________________. (Fill in each blank with items from your list.)
  3. Continue with: I am from ____________________ and ____________________. (Fill in the blanks as you did before.) Continue this format until you have completed your poem.
  4. End the poem with an explanation of where you keep any symbols, items, boxes or pictures that may represent some or most of the topics you included in your poem.
  5. Reread your poem and make any changes or edits. This poem can be rewritten over and over again, and you'll probably find yourself thinking about more things that you can add to your poem even when you are finished.