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Barbara Bray
My Philosophy

Being part of a "community of learners" where teachers, administrators, students, anyone can collaborate and share and learn from each other. I created My eCoach to harness the power of the Internet to make a learning community where everyone shares ideas and resources and helps each other so they do not reinvent the wheel over and over again. My focus has been on "Making Learning Personal" to empower learners to develop agency. Now it's going deeper with defining your WHY.

My Community

The San Francisco Bay Area is a very diverse community with a exciting mixture of ethnic groups, delicious eateries, and lots of things to do. We have the best weather and climate. My eCoach offers anyone an online community where learning and sharing can happen at anytime from anywhere.

My Environment

The My eCoach environment changes often where groups start their own communities for their school, district, online courses, church groups, cancer support groups, book clubs, movie clubs, and almost anything.

My Roles and Responsibilities

I write, present, keynote, facilitate workshops, design new materials, and coach individuals and groups to help Define Your WHY.. I blog on my website, Rethinking Learning and host my podcast, Conversations on Learning. I also co-host the #rethink_learning Twitter chat every other Monday 4p PT, 7p ET.


How you can connect with me:

Website: Rethinking Learning
Podcast: Conversations on Learning

Author: Define Your Why
Co-author: Make Learning Personal &
How to Personalize Learning

Owner/Founder, My eCoach

Twitter: @bbray27
LinkedIn: barbarabray
Facebook: barbara.bray
Instagram: @bbray27



Leah Jensen

Oakland Unified School District

English/Language Arts
History/Social Science
Fine Arts
Foreign Language
Home Economics
Industrial Arts
Physical Ed
Performing Arts
My Roles and Responsibilities

My roles include working 1:1 with teachers in the classroom on integrating technology into projects, lessons and professional practices.  I also explore new electronic learning devices making their way in the educational market and determing how they can enhance student achievement in the classroom.  With my team (there are 3 of us!), we engage in planning with school sites to create a long term tech plan that drives purchases to prevent 'piece mealing'.

San Francisco State University

University Faculty
My Philosophy
If I want to learn to solve problems and teach my students too, then I have to create opportunities for them to practice describing and solving real problems. I use project- based learning to ground the skills and knowledge in real world relevance. I love stories, metaphors and mysteries. I enjoy digital storytelling projects where students create rich stories with pictures, video, music and voice.

My Community
As professor of Instructional Technologies at San Francisco State University, I teach courses in graphics, visual communication, digital multimedia and curriculum technology integration as well as courses for technology coordinators.

My Environment
In Instructional technologies in the College of Education our students are graduates seeking a masters degree in Instructional design and development or they are teachers who will become technology coordinators. I also coordinate the courses in technology integration for pre-service teachers.

My Roles and Responsibilities
One of my favorite courses is Computer Resource Specialist for teachers who will be doing technology training and coordination in the schools. The syllabus is on this site.