Presentations 2011
Lots of resources and more for you!!
Cool Apps


Apps for Social Media

  1. Bump.  This allows you to exchange contact information, photos, social networking information and calendar events just by “bumping” your phone with another Bump user. 
  2. Foursquare: Ready to “check-in” to your favorite restaurant, bar, mall or retail store?  If you do it enough, you’ll become Mayor or be eligible for discount coupons. 
  3. Gowalla:  Much like Foursquare, Gowalla allows you to share your location with friends, all the while accumulating digital souvenirs that may be redeemable for real life rewards.
  4. LinkedIn: Ready to exchange LinkedIn contacts just by bumping your phone?  Or perhaps you want read someone’s profile while you’re waiting for them at a restaurant.  If that sounds enticing, then this application is for you.
  5. TweetDeck  There is the desktop version for your laptop, now there is the app for the iPad.  Free!  Great way of viewing and reading all your tweets.

Apps to find things

  1. Caffeine Finder:  The name says it all.  Perfect for people who need their daily (or hourly) fix.
  2. Planets:  Essential for any aspiring astronomer, this app is a 3D guide to the solar system featuring constellations, moon phases, and sun rise and sun set times.
  3. Qik:  A new, faster way to share videos with all of your friends, Qik allows you to record and instantly upload videos to the internet or stream live video straight from your phone.  You can also 2-way video chat or send  video mail.
  4. Room 77: A system that gives hotel guests a look at their potential room before they check in. The company is building a database of individual hotel rooms, including for each information like distance from elevators, what floor they’re on, subjective ratings from people who have stayed in them, and a Google Maps image, with 3D buildings, of the view out the window.
  5. Barcode Scanner handles bar codes--including 2D QR codes--and lets you look up the associated product or URL for instant price checks and comparison shopping.
  6. Hipmunk: A new iPhone app aims to make it easier to find and book your next flight on the go. Letting you find and compare all the available flights to your destination, the free app aims to help you choose the best one based on price, time, and other factors.

7.  AppStart  This app for the iPad allows the user to find new apps in a very organized and easy manner.  For the present time, it is free.


Game Apps

  1. Angry Birds:  This addictive game, where you get revenge on the green pigs who stole the bird’s eggs, has reached the #1 spot for paid apps in over 60 countries.
  2. Brain Trainer:  Playing one or more of this apps 7 different “brain games” for just minutes a day can help increase your mental abilities and memory. 
  3. Paper Toss:  The object of this simple but addictive game is to toss a crumpled up piece of paper into a small trash can. 
  4. Words with Friends: This crossword game allows you to match wits with your friends or one of the millions of people in the Words with Friends community.

Productivity Apps

  1. Evernote:  After you create a text note, photo or audio note, you can sync them to your pc or to the web.
  2. Instapaper: Through Instapaper you can save Web articles you browsed on your iPhone for later reading, using a browser bookmarklet.  The Instapaper Website reformats your saved articles (without ads and clutter) for quick reading on the desktop.

Utilities Apps

  1. AntiDroidTheft: If you lose your phone, AntiDroidTheft turns on remote GPS tracking so that you can determine its location.  You can also trigger the phone’s camera to shoot an image that might help you locate the handset.
  2. Fring: Really cool mobile app that lets you place free calls or chat with anyone from your Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN, Twitter, or SIP contacts.
  3. Gas Buddy: Locates the most affordable gas station closest to your present location in both the United States and Canada.  Includes maps and a “price freshness” guide to let you know when prices were last updated.
  4. Talk to Me: Originally, Talk To Me translated only English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, with its speech-to-speech functionality.  Now it has many other languages from which to choose. 
  5. Thinking Space "mind-mapping" Android app can create maps to connect thoughts and ideas. It’s great for organizing and for forming new concepts.

Apps for Job Seekers

  1. Resume App. The $2.99 Resume App for the iPhone can take care of that. Jobseekers can build, preview and send a PDF resume from their iPhone. The resumes created can include multiple references, photos and a generic cover letter.
  2. Job Compass. Job Compass uses the iPhone’s locator feature to help you find out what jobs are available around you at lightning speed, and once you find a job, you can read about it, call the hiring manager, send yourself an email with a link to the job description, and apply for the job right from the iPhone.
  3. Job Finder. Job Finder aggregates jobs from multiple job sites, instead of you having to visit them all individually. All you have to do is specify the locations that you’re interested in and your other preferences and this application will remember them and use them whenever you open it in the future.
  4. LinkUp. LinkUp’s iPhone application brings the Web’s fast-growing job search engine to your iPhone. LinkUp’s search engine, updated daily, focuses on jobs that are found on company and employer websites. As a result, LinkUp says, its jobs are always current, often unadvertised, and never fake.
  5. HireADroid. Looking to job search on your Android phone?  HireADroid’s job search app for the Android platform supports three major job search engines: LinkUp, Indeed, and SimplyHired. It’s high on the list of downloaded “job search” applications on Android Market and it’s a quick way to find job listings fast on your phone.
  6. iGetAJob. If you’re juggling multiple interviews in a week, this is a great application for you. You can keep track of phone calls, e-mails, and personal visits, as well as jobs that you are interested in, including job name, contact person, date, pay rate, and any other information you need. It conveniently organizes all of the contacts that you use for your job search in one place.
  7. Business Card Reader. You’re attending a networking event, and now you have a pile of business cards. How do you keep them organized? Save yourself the time of inputting the information with this application. Simply photograph the business card, and the Reader will instantly enter the information into your contacts.