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The Library Catalog lists books which may be collections of essays or monographs.  In addition, the catalog includes journal titles and videos (DVD & Streaming) that are part

of our collections.


Try the following Library Catalog searches then refine/filter the results by format, date, or subject to see how the results change:



Key titles: 


   Education and Technology: An Encyclopedia


  Educational Media and Technology Yearbook


   Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology




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The following searches use selected EBSCO databases.  Feel free to begin with these searches then modify to focus on your own research questions:






Use Related Search Terms:


Try the following synonyms as you explore ways to modify your search strategy:


educational technology: multimedia, multimedia instruction, computer assisted instruction, instructional materials, visual aids, educational media, educational television, technology integration, computer uses in education, technology uses in education, simulation, simulated environment, games, gaming


classroom: classroom management, classroom environment


school: elementary, primary, intermediate, secondary, middle school, junior high, high school


teacher: teacher role, teacher competencies


curriculum: curricula, instructional design, study & teaching, teaching methods, educational strategies, learning strategies, critical thinking, problem solving, classroom techniques, instructional effectiveness


learning styles: learning modalities, intermode differences


online education: online courses, online learning, virtual, web-based instruction, electronic learning


Remember that each database has a thesaurus of acceptable index terms.  If you use the "language of the database," you’ll find more relevant results.