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Discover how eReaders can be used in the classroom.

 The goal of this website is to provide relevant information to anyone who is interested in learning more about how eReaders can effectively  be integrated into the classroom.

  • To gain a better perspective of eReader usage, a Survey and immediate Survey Results are included. (Please feel free to participate in the eReader Survey!)

  • To develop a basic understanding of eReaders, embedded videos provide an overview of the current top five eReaders.

  • To gain a more indepth understanding of eReader implementation in the classroom, a Bibliograpy of research articles are featured in a PowerPoint presentation.

  • To encourage further exploration and investigation of how eReaders can effectvely be integrated into the classroom,  a collection of resources have been linked.

The 21st Century is upon us. The use of eReaders in the classroom is just one way that technology can and will make a significant impact in our lives!