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Barbara Stillwell
My Philosophy


We are all learners and teachers.

My Roles and Responsibilities


As a National University librarian, my job is to help our University community use library resources effectively. I currently work in the Multimedia Services Department were my primary duties are planning, preparing, and reviewing the library’s online tutorials and guides. I also provide reference and research assistance, and teach physical and virtual library research skills classes.

Robin Jones

National University

Instructional Designer
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Multimedia Designer for National University Library

Graphic Designer print & web for over 35 years

My Philosophy

My philosophy of Education is that learning never stops. I think when I stop learning here on earth, I will start learning up in heaven (if all goes well). Working at National for almost 25 years has re-enforced this philosophy. Every year at Commencement (I generally work the event), I watch with amazement at the diverse population of happy graduates. There is so much pride in that huge convention center room. Everyone there has made learning a lifelong pursuit and this is the day to celebrate that. Adding the use of technology to the mix is something I’ve have been working on for the past decade and it has been an education in itself. I am ready to take my work to the next level and am dedicated to my mission. Through my study and practice, I hope I can play a small but important role in improving someone else’s learning experience at National University. How awesome is that?