Reference & Citation Style Guide


Visual art from a database

"Vincent van Gogh: First Steps, after Millet, oil on canvas, 1890. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. 25 Mar. 2011 

Image from the Web

Pima Community College. "What is Plagiarism?" Write & Cite. 24 Mar. 2011. Web. 25 Mar. 2011.

Sound recording

Bernstein, Leonard. Candide: Opera House Version, 1982. Orch. New York City Opera Chorus and Orchestra. Perf. Erie Mills, Joyce Castle, Maris Clement, John Lankston, Jack Harrold, David Eisler, James Billings, Scott Reeve. Cond. John Mauceri. New York: New World Records, 1986. CD.

Video recording

Like Water for Chocolate [Como agua para chocolate]. Screenplay by Laura Esquivel. Dir. Alfonso Arau. Perf. Lumi Cavazos, Marco Leonardi, Regina Torne. 1992. Burbank, Calif.: Miramax Home Entertainment, 2000. DVD.

Online video

"The L-Team." Williams College Libraries. YouTube. 2007. Web. 27 Aug. 2009.


or radio broadcast

"Frederick Douglass." Civil War Journal. Narr. Danny Glover. Dir. Craig Haffner. Arts and Entertainment Network. 6 April 1993. Television.