Exploring the Earth's Biosphere
Explore biospheres with a scientific eye

A Big Ball Covered With Life!

This WebQuest will provide an exciting look into the Earth’s Biospheres.  What are the properties that make something living versus non living? 

We will begin with the definition of a biosphere.  We will also identify other related spheres on the Earth and how the living things within them rely on each other.

A biosphere can also be called a ecosphere.  The Gaia Hypotesis shall be presented as it relates to biospheres.  The extent of the Earth’s biosphere shall be outlined.  The factors that affect the biosphere here on Earth shall be discussed.  What is a Biome?  How do they relate to the Earth’s biospheres?  What is a roof top garden?  How can one of them be created in the classroom?  All of these questions will be answered and more in this exploration of the Earth’s biosphere!



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