How to Use Facebook For Education
What Does Social Media have to do with Education?
Creating a Facebook Page for an Historical Figure

One of the popular uses of Facebook for education is creating pages for historical figures. In essence, it is like creating a biography of a person. The bonus is that the format helps students understand better what information to collect.


The real learning comes from the interaction. Students put themselves in the place of their figure and create status updates that reflect the thoughts of the person during their historical period.  Another beneficial aspect is connecting with friends. When a whole class does a project such as this, students learn about other historical figures by making and checking on "friends."


Step 1:  Go to  I found it easier to logout first and get to the main screen.

Opening Screen of 


























Step 2:  At the bottom of the sign up screen you’ll see small words which say Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business. You’ll see the following screen.


Screen for Creating Celebrity Pages



Step 3: Click Artist, Band, or Public Figure.  It will ask you to choose a category, then You will get a drop down menu like the one below.

Choose a category menu

























Step 4: Choose Public Figure and enter a name.  Then you’ll be asked to either login or create an account with Facebook.  If you are worried about creating a Facebook account, I recommend creating an alternate email address specifically to use with Facebook, using one of the free website services.


Facebook sign up, sign in screen































Step 5: Once you are signed up or logged in, you now have your page. You may now edit it, adding in all the information necessary for your person.


Sample Facebook Page

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