How to Use Facebook For Education
What Does Social Media have to do with Education?
Facebook Educational Ideas
 So many ideas can work with Facebook model. Think of different education ideas that can be thought of as categories. The categories then have different components. The components are the material the students work with, and make connections within the categories. Here are some examples below.


Periodic Table of Elements

Students create pages for elements and make friends based on related properties.


Plant Families

Students create pages for different plants and make friends with those of the same family, or a significant amount of related physical attributes.



Polygons and Polyhedrons

Students create pages for these shapes and make friends with shapes with similar properties, such as 90 degree angles, or same number of sides.


Fact Families or Numbers

Studens could of learn all about the special properties of different numbers, such as how many factors, interesting facts or supersition regarding the numbers. Students could make friends based on prime numbers, factors or multiples, square numbers or square roots, or a whole other list of factors.


Language Arts


Facebook can be a way to explore spelling patterns.  I can imagine choosing friends based on same patterns or sounds, and creating status updates that have to include certain words.


Books and Authors

Students could create pages for fictional characters from books and connect to other fictional characters from the same books or even from other books. Many authors already have Facebook pages and Teachers could use these to introduce students to a new author. 



Historical Figures

As already mentioned students can create facebook pages for historical figures. After doing a few different themes, students could find relationships between figures of different time periods.


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