"Let The Games Begin"
Inquiry: Building Math Skills
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Avid Math Game Players

This survey is regarding the wonderful math games that go along with your math lessons. The questions I am going to ask are to help me see what you think about the games and if they are helping you understand the math skills taught in class better. Take your time and think about how each question pertains to you and your math experience.

Number of Questions: 6

Number of respondents: 20


What was your first thought about the math lesson games you played after you took your quick check?

1) I thought it would help me and my friends.
2) cool
3) it was fun
4) this is gonna be fun
5) I felt that I could do good on the quick check.
6) It was awesome at first until I learned it was to help us in math.
7) good it help my math from C to A
8) fun
9) I thought it was easey
10) I thought it was going to be boring.
11) It was helpful.
12) I thought it would help me in math and it did.
14) a little boring at first but it helped me.
15) it helped me pull my grade up
16) This is great.
17) It looks easy
18) A little bit easy.
19) It was fun
20) that it's going to be the hardest thing ever


Do you agree that playing the math lesson games helped you understand the math skills better than just practicing the with pencil, paper, manipulatives, and/or homework?

Legend: # of Results:
1: Strongly Agree 9
2: Agree 9
3: Disagree 2
4: Strongly Disagree 0
N/A: No Answer 0


If a friend of yours were struggling with a math skill, would you recommend one of the math lesson games to them to help them better understand the math skill?

Legend: # of Results:
1: Yes 18
2: No 2
N/A: No Answer 0


Did you enjoy playing the math lesson games? Please answer yes or no and then write in the comment box your thoughts of why you did enjoy them or why you didn’t enjoy them.

Legend: # of Results:
1: Yes 19
2: No 1
N/A: No Answer 0

Additional Comments:
1) I enjoyed it because it was fun and helping me.
2) because they were interesting
3) it is easy to know.
4) they helped me alot
5) I enjoy them because they will help me understand more about the lesson.
6) because it was fun and I was still learning math skills.
7) yeah it was a lot of fun
8) yes, because they helped me learn and they were really fun.
9) I enjoyed the math games becase they help me with my math
10) Yes, because they help me with math.
11) They were fun.and they helped me.
12) because it helped me understand the math lesson
13) i enjoy them
14) its fun and it helps me.
16) Because it is fun and still learning at the same time.
17) becouse they help you learn new things
18) because some of them talk. some of them don't understand the game and some of them are hard to play with.
19) because it was learning and playing at the same time.
20) because it got me more better on my other tests that were bad and now I got better on my I'm starting to get A pluses now.


Do you think I should continue using these math lesson games next year with my new 4th grade class?

Legend: # of Results:
1: Yes 20
2: No 0
N/A: No Answer 0


Do you hope your new teacher next year uses the math lesson games as part of your math learning experience?

Legend: # of Results:
1: Yes 20
2: No 0
N/A: No Answer 0
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