"Let The Games Begin"
Inquiry: Building Math Skills

The Groundwork


Putting together the math games seemed to be quite a challenge and time consuming at first. There are two games per lesson and about 6-8 lessons per unit. Thinking of how to put this all together took some creative thinking. I used two huge 3-ring binders to house the games in, sheet protectors which housed game and the manipulatives in a ziplock. The first time I did this my dinning room table was covered and took 5 hours to assemble. Second time around I had to disassemble and then reassemble the new unit. Took FOREVER! By the time the next round was coming to assemble I let go of the reigns and let my wonderful helpful students help and they cut the time into a mere 20 minutes. The pictures below are of the binders and the ever changing contents.



I put the math games together by taking apart the black spiral "Ready-Made Centers for Differentiated Instruction" and taking the blackline copy from each unit from the plastic pouches. ~ no copies had to be made ~ I placed them each in a sheet protector and placed them in a "Main Binder" to house them all. Then when getting ready for the unit I took from the Main Binder the games that go along with the unit and seperate them one star and two star and place them in the two binders as seen above in the pictures. I read the directions to see which materials go with the game and place those manipulatives in a pouch and then place the pouch behind the game in the sheet protectors. I use the color copies for the one star binder with the one star game facing forward and the blackline copies for the two star binder with the two star game facing forward.