"Let The Games Begin"
Inquiry: Building Math Skills

The Coach's Corner


   Mrs. Neugebauer is a wonderful help to my class. Always ready to jump in and question thinking. In review of my inquiry project I wondered if higher level questioning would benefit with in the math lesson games. Mrs. Neugebauer worked with a group of students and asked questions while they played. In one group that was below level on a concept Mrs. Neugebauer led them in a way to uncover the students thinking and steer them in the correct direction for understanding, and then the students were able to play the game on their own. We’ve come to the conclusion that that is more of a reteach. And since they were below level they would have required the reteach lesson. But we also discovered that with the steering came the ability to play the math lesson game with understanding and accountable talk skills. Now the one group that was assigned to a two star game needed less direction from Mrs. Neugebauer. Mrs. Neugebauer found ways to manuver in some higher level questioning and the students in the group were able to think and explain to one another what they were doing. Now this led to another inquiry! Now we were wondering if the same accountable talk would naturally take place or should I give accountable talk moves of how I want the conversation to be led. So with all that to take in I believe that when interacting with the below level once the reteach is done the on level game would be a great resource for their developing skills. For those who would go directly to a math lesson game could be provided with some teacher developed talk moves to drive the conversations for their own understandings.