PBL for 1:1 Administrative Teams
What is your role as an instructional leader in changing and suporting a pedagogical shift to project and problem based learning using 1:1 technologies?
Meet the Authors

Linda Ullah

Semi-Retired Educator/Coach/Online Instructor

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation (NC State); Foothill College

University Faculty
Curriculum Specialist
Instructional Designer
Retired Educator
Junior/Community College
My Philosophy

I believe that teachers should be in charge of education and in the current political climate we must work together collaboratively to take back our profession from the politicians. The focus should be on student learning needs. I'm not convinced that the 9-3 classroom-based, brick and mortar system is currently the best system for all students. Students of all ages should have the advantage of a variety of learning experiences and opportunities including the classroom, travel. apprenticeships, field-trips, online learning, 1:1 learning, etc.  I'm not a fan of testing or grading.  We need infuse the joy of learning into all learning experiences in order to engage students in real-world learning opportunities.  I am a constructivist by nature, and train teachers to use project-based learning with technology in their classrooms. I also believe that we need to be connecting learning communities, schools, children using Internet technologies to break down the barriers and create a global learning community through global project-based learning.

My Community

Although I’ve spent most of my life and career in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley), I now live in Spokane WA.  I've spent the past 9 years living and working in North Carolina.  Although I've retired, I still teach online courses, and love that I can continue to work with outstanding educators. 

My Environment

  Most recently I worked for the NC State's Friday Institute for Educational Innovation's 1:1 Laptop Initiative. I continue to  teach online courses for Educators through Foothill College's Krause Center for Innovation.  Before retiring, I worked for New Tech Network, a part of KnowledgeWorks, training/coaching teachers and administrators in NC and LA in project-based learnng and technology integration  Previously I worked in a community college in a program that provides technology and PBL staff development courses for teachers. I was a Technology Learning Coordinator and a teacher for Oak Grove School District in San Jose, CA for several years.  I’ve taught in a variety of settings during my career as an educator. 

My Roles and Responsibilities

 I teach online courses for educators. 

Jaclyn Bell

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

Instructional Designer
English/Language Arts
History/Social Science
Fine Arts
Performing Arts

Original Author

Barbara Bray
Certificated eCoaches Promotion Text

I created eCoach to support learning anywhere, anytime. I train and coach eCoaches, focus on online facilitation skills, extend face-to-face learning and enjoy designing content. Some projects I want to share include:

Instructional Development Timeline, Romeo and Juliet vs American Me, Earthquakes, Lesson Study, Free Study Skills, Sumerian Scavenger Hunt, The Writing Process Demystified and Digital Video Production

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Website: Rethinking Learning

Podcast: Conversations on Learning

Co-author: Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning
President/Owner, My eCoach https://my-ecoach.com
Micro Awardee - Make Me a Million $ Competition
Writer, 1998-2015, Professional Development Column OnCUE
ISTE SigILT Past Professional Development Chair
Google Certified Teacher 06

Twitter: bbray27
LinkedIn: barbarabray
Facebook: barbara.bray

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My Philosophy

Being part of a "community of practice", teachers, administrators, students, anyone can collaborate and share and learn from each other. I have met good teachers around the country who feel isolated and want to connect with others like themselves. I created My eCoach® to have an online safe environment that builds communities through coaching and mentoring programs. I wanted to harness the power of the Internet to make a learning community where everyone shares ideas and resources and helps each other so they do not reinvent the wheel over and over again. My focus has been "Making Learning Personal" and the only way to engage learners is to hand them the keys so they drive their learning.

My Community
The San Francisco bay area is a very diverse community with a exciting mixture of ethnic groups, delicious eateries, and lots of things to do. We have the best weather and climate and from the East Bay we have the best view of the city. My eCoach® offers anyone an online community where learning and sharing can happen at anytime from anywhere.

My Environment
The My eCoach environment changes often where groups start their own communities for their school, district, online course, cancer support group, book club, almost anything.

My Roles and Responsibilities

I write, present, design new materials, and coach. I blog and maintain my website, Rethinking Learning and host my podcast, Conversations on Learning. I provide the infrastructure for My eCoach and to coach teachers in specific programs in My eCoach.