PBL for 1:1 Administrative Teams
What is your role as an instructional leader in changing and suporting a pedagogical shift to project and problem based learning using 1:1 technologies?

Work in a team with people who hold the same or a similar position in their districts.

Research the topics listed below from the perspective of your role in the district.

Decide who will research the following topics:

  1. Definition of Project Based and Problem Based Learning
  2. Elements of Project Based Learning
  3. Problem Based Learning Steps
  4. Project Based vs Problem Based Learning
  5. Training, Encouraging, and Supporting Teachers
  6. Assessment

 As you conduct your research use the Google form at the bottom of this (or the Introduction page to record your notes. Please remember to scroll to the bottom of the form and click the submit button to save your notes.   Each team will have 3 minutes to report out what they have learned. 


Use this rubric go guide your research and presentation