Web 2.0 Open Education Resources
How will you use open source resources to enhance learning?
Assignment for Module 1


  1. Go to OER Commons and find 3 resources you think you can use in your classroom. Begin to create an annotated Web Resource List of resources that you will be adding to during this course. Depending on the online site you choose for your Web Resource List, you may need to set up an account in order to create your annotated web resource list. You will need to share the link to your web resource list with your instructor and with the other learners in this course.  Your Web resource list should have
    • a link to each resource,
    • a short desciption of that resources
    • information on how you might use that resources in your classroom, your job or as a student.
  • Some sites you might use for this are:
2.  Add 3 resources to your Web Resource List from Merlot’s Personal Collections that you think you might use.

3.  Add 3 more resources from Online Multmedia Tools to Support PBL and all Classrooms