Web 2.0 Open Education Resources
How will you use open source resources to enhance learning?
Discussion Topic for Module 2

This discussion requires 3 postings:


A)  Choose one of the scenarios below. Try to pick one that has not been analyzed by a lot of other in the class.  If you see that a scenario has not yet been analyzed, please pick that before picking one that has already been selected.   Analyze the copyright and fair issues in that teacher’s classroom. 

  • What things is the teacher doing correctly? 
  • What are the potential hazards and pitfalls? 
  • How does that teacher know the students are not plaigiarizing. 
  • How are the students being taught to follow correct copyright and fair use procedures? 
  • What else might the teacher do to make sure that students are correctly following copyright and fair use provisions? 
  • Suggest how that teacher might protect him/herself and his/her students from copyright plaigiarism and fair use violations.
  • Suggest how that teacher might help his/her students learn about copyright and fair use as their do their projects.

B) Review at least one other person’s analysis.  Suggest anything you see that that person might have missed in his/her analysis.  Be sure to go back and read the comments for each of the postings.


C) Think about your own practice.  Post any thoughts you might have about how you might improve upon what you are currently requiring of students in terms of copyright and fair use.


Classroom Scenarios


Five teachers at ABC school have worked collaboratively to do a gradelevel project on habitats. They decide to have their students build a grade level online virtual natural history museum.  They have made sure that the project meets their standards, and they have developed a rubric to assess content and have clearly outlined what students must include on their part of the web site.  Each teacher will work with his/her own class to create their part of the web site.  They have alloted two weeks to the project.

1. Teacher A allows students to search the Internet for their resources, and has not been given instruction in how to properly site their resources.  The students  will work on partly in class, but mostly on their own time.  .  Students are working in groups of 4.  Each group is to select a habitat and include four animals and 4 plants from that habatat.  The site must include photos, video and text about the habitat.  Each habitat site will be part of a larger classroom web site. 


2.  Teacher B gives the same project, BUT requires students to use resources with Creative Commons licenses.  Teacher B does not give specific instruction about how to cite resources, but does mention that they should cite them. Although teacher B has students working on the project during class time, students must also use some time outside of class as well.


3.  Teacher C gives the same project, BUT creates a list of sites the students are to use to get their information, videos and photographs.  Teacher C instructs students on how to cite their resources.  If contact information is given Teacher C asks students to ask for permission to use photos and videos. 


4.  Teacher D gives the same project, BUT requires that students create original artwork to depict their animals and plants.  Students must create their own videos, but may use images from the web.  Students are given a list of sites for images including Creative Commons, and are taught to cite those images at the end of their videos.


5.Teacher E gives the same project, BUT is done entirely in class. Students are only allowed to use Creative Commons resources.  They have the choice of creating their own art work or using photos from  Creative Commons.  They are required to create a video about their habitat and may use their own scanned or digitally created art work as well as resources from Creative Commons in the video.  IF they cannot find the resources necessary in Creative Commons, they must get teacher permission to use resources from other sites.  Although they must cite their resources, they are not given a structure with which to do so.  Since all work is done in class, the teacher is availalble to help them and to review their projects at all times.