Web 2.0 Open Education Resources
How will you use open source resources to enhance learning?
Reading for Module 3

Universal Design

One consderation is selecting online educational resources is universal access or universal design.  It is important to assure that all students can access the materials necessary to learn concepts and skills. 

Watch this YouTube video on Universal Design.  Then also watch  this YouTube video on Universal Design.


You might also explore some of these resources on universal design

Checking Educational Resources for Universal Access

Free Resources from the Net for Every Learner (Blog with links to Universal Access educational resources)



Watch this YouTube video on Universal Design and Edu 2.0.  Then explore the Edu 2.0 site and think about how you might use this site.


Evaluation of Public Domain Materials

  • Identifying public domain materials
  • Explore the following resources and select some you would like to add to your web resource list:
    • Using the resources from the Free Resources from the Net for Every Learner blog, select one of the resources an analyze it to determine if it truly meets Universal Access criteria.
    • Find your content area or select one content area that you teach on the Web Resources for Educators site.  Select two resources you think you might use.  Add those resources to the annotate Web resources list you’ve created in Google Docs, and analyze them to deterine if they meet Universal Access cirteria.

Other Evaluation Criteria


Take a look at some of the resources you've gathered so far.  Select ONE to assess.  Use ONE of these methods:

As you assess the site you've chosen consider how you might help your learners assess OERs. 

Continue to explore and add more resources to your web resource list.  Here are some suggested sites: