ITEC 800 Research Project
Video vs. Text
Sampling Plan


Procedure for obtaining group for study.

     There are many methods to obtain e-mail lists for studies. My first option would be to coordinate through the ITEC department to request permission to use the SFSU student database. I believe that this would allow me to contact a large population of adult learners.

     If the SFSU administration is unwilling to allow this form of data mining for the e-mail list there are alternatives such as:

  • Purchase email marketing services from a company such as USA Data (
  • Yahoo Lists provides the opportunity to join many groups that send emails to the members of the group. For example, the Academy of Human Excellence has 13,662 members.
  • Facebook also provides the opportunity to join into existing large groups of individuals who are willing to receive emails. A Facebook page could be created for the purpose of tabulating and reporting on the results.


Demographic Data.

     The demographic data that I will be collecting is outlined in the following spreadsheet:


Survey Data Collection Strategy