Dare Mighty Things
Your Invitation to Purposeful Living

Your groupís task is to try to change a small part of the world around you for the better.†† You will set out to prove that people can make a difference in many lives.† You and your peers will listen, share, explore, and reflect on your experiences.† You will cultivate knowledge for purposeful living.† You and your classmates will learn through resources, writing, and participation in the project.† You will learn the power of choice.† You will learn to appreciate the qualities of being human and to share your appreciation and knowledge at home, in school, and in your community.

During this project, we will:

  • list needs in the community and our school.

  • select a group project to make a difference.

  • create a plan to meet the need.

  • maintain an online journal/blog.

  • create a website for our organization/group concerning our need or cause.

  • implement a service project

SOC-4.1.B.1. Analyze how needs are met by groups and organizations (e.g., governments, businesses, schools, religious institutions, charitable organizations, etc.).
SOC-4.1.C Methods of resolving conflicts.
SOC-4.1.C.1. Evaluate constructive processes or methods for resolving conflicts by using a problem-solving organizer.