Dare Mighty Things
Activity 1


Lesson Objective: Students will explore service to others and brainstorm a service project for the community or school.



You and your team are to begin the research of worthy causes to get inspiration for your projects.

Next, make a list of community or school needs.


Brainstorm with your team and decide on a project for the community or school.


As a team present your idea to me for approval before proceeding with your project.


Criteria for the selection of a project:

  • Addresses real issues or needs in the community or school
  • Will improve community members’ or students’ lives
  • Incorporate the abilities of the service group
  • Recognize the contributions of all participants as important and necessary
  • Aim for specific goals and objectives with measurable results
  • Empower people and/or students


Finally, each group member will draw a name of a person from their group and complete a Peer Assessment and turn it in.

SOC-4.1.B.1. Analyze how needs are met by groups and organizations (e.g., governments, businesses, schools, religious institutions, charitable organizations, etc.).
SOC-4.1.C Methods of resolving conflicts.
SOC-4.1.C.1. Evaluate constructive processes or methods for resolving conflicts by using a problem-solving organizer.