Dare Mighty Things
Activity 4


Lesson Objective: The student groups will establish the blog/journal on their project website.   



Each team is responsible for documenting their project’s progress, the processes involved and your thoughts on the project.


So, now that your team has the basics of your website created, you will begin to embed a blog/journal for your project.  Use your Blog Scoring Guide for a reference.


Begin your writing with a rough draft of your first blog entry on paper.  The first entry must include a discussion of how your project was chosen and your feelings about the project.  Include details from your Project Plan. 

CA-4.II.1.A. Follow a writing process to:
-independently use a simple graphic organizer in prewriting;
- generate a draft;
- routinely revise, edit and proofread;
- independently publish writing.
CA-4.II.3 Write effectively in various forms and types of writing.
CA-4.II.3.E. Write informational reports, diary/journal entries, organized friendly letters, thank-you letters and invitations in a format appropriate to an intended audience and purpose.