Dare Mighty Things
Activity 5


Lesson Objective: Student groups will implement their service projects.  Projects may vary in the length of time needed to complete.


Now that you have your Project Plan, website and blog created, it’s time to begin your project! 


Be sure to maintain your project website as your project progresses.  Also, chronicle your thoughts and progress in your team’s project blog. 

CA-4.II.3.E. Write informational reports, diary/journal entries, organized friendly letters, thank-you letters and invitations in a format appropriate to an intended audience and purpose.
Social Studies (2004)
Grade 4
Relationships of Individual and Groups to Institutions and Traditions
SOC-4.1.B Groups meeting the needs of individuals.
SOC-4.1.B.1. Analyze how needs are met by groups and organizations (e.g., governments, businesses, schools, religious institutions, charitable organizations, etc.).
SOC-4.1.C Methods of resolving conflicts.
SOC-4.1.C.1. Evaluate constructive processes or methods for resolving conflicts by using a problem-solving organizer.