It's All About Samuel!
I love to work!


My face is bright
My name is Samuel
My voice is a little low

My parents view me as a nice kid

If I set goals I achieve them

I’m always funny

To my enemies I’m mean

I wonder if I am as nice as I think I am

I’m very mature about school

It’s easy for me to do math

Around danger I’m scared but strong

In twenty years I’ll be a comedian 

I dream about 

Good friendships with Tyler, Gillian, Chris, Austin and Kyle

I don’t like fight

Others don’t understand me when I’m sad

Fighting makes me feel mad/sad

I’m a good kid




I am Smart and talented
I wonder if there is life in the stars
I hear Friends laughing
I see people dancing
I want to be remembered
I am kind and fun

I pretend that I am a comiedian
I feel Like there are people watching me
I touch Fellings of other’s life
I worry about my friends and loved ones
I cry when I get hurt
I am Smart and talented

I understand math
I say about god
I dream about growing up
I try to play music
I hope I can succseed in life
I am Smart and talented


Best friend is there for you
For not being alone anymore
Best friend is there for you
To help you too.

Your best friend don’t forget
Because with them you are the best
Don’t go away
Maybe you need it one day

When you feel blue… they helps you too,
When you need advice… they gives you

Back up your friend
For not leaving you at the end

Write a letter for them…
When you need to tell them that
You are the best friend in the world