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Do Now: Artists with disabilities.

Well, hello! Fancy meeting you here.

Today we’re going to learn about 3 artists who make amazing art even though they were born with or suffered disabilities that would prevent many people from ever trying to create.

First, a Chinese man Huang Guofu.

Guofu lost both of his arms in an electrical accident at age 4. This couldn’t stop his drive to paint though and at age 12 he taught himself to paint with his feet and later with his mouth. At age 18 his father became ill and Guofu became a full-time travelling painter to support his family.

Next, the Brittish artist Stephen Wiltshire who has autism.

Autism is a disorder that forms in early childhood and can cause people to have impaired social interaction and communication. Wiltshire, however, is able to take a 20 minute helicopter ride and is then able to draw a to scale, 18 foot panaromic picture of the area around him.

And lastly, Blind painter John Bramblitt.

Brablitt lost his sight in 2001. It wasn’t until then that he started painting. John was able to create an adaptive technique to aid in his painting and uses touch rather than sight to help him create. According to Bramblitt: “Everyone has an artist somewhere in them; sometimes they just need a little help letting it out.”