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Meet the Author

Nicole Joseph
Woodlake Elementary


English/Language Arts
History/Social Science
Physical Ed
My Philosophy

Everyone is capable of learning but everyone is not capable of teaching.

My Roles and Responsibilities

I work full-time for the state of California and have done so for the last 19 years. During my tenure here, I have pursued and completed my BA in liberal studies at CSU Sacramento and most recently my MA Ed Crosscultural education and teaching credential. My hunger for knowledge has brought me back to NU to pursue a second post grad degree. I feel it will allow me to be more ready for the ever changing classroom environment and at the same time giving me a tool I can use should I choose to stay in the public sector of the working world.

Three of my goals for integrating technology into my future academic environment will be: 

1) Create a bridge between my classroom and home that will support our class learning environment and allow me to be connected with the families of my students. This will be helpful for those households that are wired and if I am in a district that does not already facilitate this kind of technological support. 

2) I tend to oscillate between being a leader and a team member, when it comes to technology in the classroom. I'd like to be a leader and teach my peers on how they too can integrate exsisting technology into the academic environment. 

3) My short term goal is to build upon my current techological foundation which wil allow me to make some advancements in my current profession before making the transition to the classroom.