The purpose of this website and project in My eCoach is to present a multidisciplinary, project-based unit of study which includes activities that address the California Standards while integrating two disciplines, English and Social Studies. During this unit, sophomore students will be expected to conduct research and learn about the narrative memoire Night by Elie Wiesel. In addition to meeting the English Language Arts Standards, students will engage in meaningful discussion about a period in Social Studies that adresses issues from the Holocaust and from World War II.


Students will read, write, and work in collaboration with their English teacher and fellow classmates while applying techniques such as a web-based advanced expository organizer and engaging in interactive games to support the development of vocabulary.


The lesson is designed to Teach, Practice and Apply the interdisciplinary and differentiation strategies for English language learners.


This lesson may be used in a mainstream tenth grade high school English class. 

Time Requirement:

While this lesson is designed for a block period of 90 minutes, it may be presented in significantly less time.